How do you use AI in combination with data from a data warehouse?

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How do you use AI in combination with data from a data warehouse?

Enterprises use data warehouses to store large amounts of data from various sources and analyze them to obtain valuable information from a business and strategic point of view. Nowadays, you don’t have to rely solely on your resources – AI tools, i.e. artificial intelligence, support the work of business analysts. What exactly does this involve? How do you use AI in combination with data from a data warehouse?

AI and data warehouses. How it works

Data warehouses enable companies to collect data from various areas of activity, such as sales, marketing, finance and logistics. Analyzing this data allows for an accurate understanding of market trends, identifying opportunities and threats for the company and making better business decisions.

Do you want to manage information from your data warehouse even more effectively? AI can help you with this by automating your work, reducing costs and making your activities more effective and efficient. Reporting, analysis, customer segmentation – all of this can be helped by artificial intelligence, which has been dynamically developing in recent years, whether in the form of BI tools (business intelligence) or elements of the CRM system that manages your customer relationships.

To familiarize you with this topic, we have prepared several possible solutions you can implement in your company with the help of AI.

How can you use AI in combination with data from a data warehouse? Suggestions

Predictive analysis

Do you want to understand trends in your industry even better and find patterns or seasonality of certain events? Use machine learning algorithms offered by AI development to forecast better future sales, product demand, and customer behaviour. A well-functioning IT infrastructure is the basis of your success.

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is talked about a lot in the context of marketing and business automation – and for good reason. Information from the data warehouse allows you to obtain and consolidate large amounts of customer data from many sources. Use AI to analyze this data for more accurate segmentation, making adapting your marketing strategy to your audience’s needs and preferences easier and more effective.

Business process optimization

One of the goals of BI is to optimize all processes occurring in the company – the combination of AI and data warehouses can help with this. We can talk here, for example, about supply chain management, production planning or warehouse optimization, but also about employee resources and the company’s related expenses. With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you will have to devote fewer resources to concluding the acquired data.

Text recognition and natural language processing

You can use artificial intelligence-related natural language processing (NLP) technologies to analyze text contained in warehouse data. Thanks to this, you can easily compile customer opinions without having to read each separately; you will be able to analyze product ratings or monitor your social media.

Data warehousing and AI for your company’s success: let’s summarize

As you can see, introducing artificial intelligence into warehouse data analysis can bring many benefits to your company – from optimization of business processes to better cooperation with customers. Make sure to choose the right tools to automate and modernize your activities – if you want us to help you with this, please get in touch with us. We know perfectly well how to help entrepreneurs like you.

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