Abandoned carts in an online store – reasons and ideas on how to recover them

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Abandoned carts in an online store – reasons and ideas on how to recover them

Abandoned carts are the absolute bane of many online stores. The customer was already at the threshold of making a purchase, and in the meantime, we had to deal with the fact that he did not finalize the transaction. What is the reason for this, and how to recover abandoned carts? We cordially encourage you to read it.

What are the causes of abandoned carts?

To find a solution to a problem, it is often best to start by analyzing what causes it. So what are the most common reasons for abandoned carts? Research shows that these factors are:

  • hidden costs, e.g., related to delivery or commission,
  • no trusted payment and delivery methods,
  • complicated returns policy,
  • difficulty purchasing mobile devices,
  • finding a better deal on another site,
  • requiring an account to make a purchase,
  • lack of trust in the store, e.g., no contact details or address.

Most reasons for abandoned carts in an online store are due to the above reasons.

How to recover abandoned carts? Analysis

First, start with the analysis, i.e., the problem. Information in this regard can be collected in many different ways, including based on their excellent research, customer comments that they report, e.g., by e-mail or on social media, and analyses made using tools such as Hotjar, which shows how users behave on the site.

It is also worth asking a few close people to purchase in our store themselves and share their comments. On this basis, many accurate conclusions can be drawn that will allow for significant changes.

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How to recover abandoned carts? Methods

Here are practical ways to make recovering abandoned carts easier.

1. Not forcing to create an account.

The obligation to create an account to make a transaction is a common mistake in many online stores. It is estimated that around 35% of people will opt out of purchasing if they are required to do so. However, we know perfectly well that setting up an account is essential for the store. Nevertheless, instead of forcing, offering the customer an additional bonus for taking this step, e.g., a discount on the product or free delivery, is best.

2. Many delivery and payment options

Customers have different preferences in terms of delivery and payment methods. So it’s essential to give them other options in this regard. Thanks to this, the store can enjoy greater credibility, which will also positively impact the image.

3. Storage of the contents of the shopping cart

It also happens that the customer, for some reason, wants to wait to make payments. That is why it is worth implementing solutions, thanks to which the basket will be filled with products the customer selects for a long time.

4. Sending reminders

When shopping online, the customer can easily get distracted. As a result, he can turn off the store’s website and need to remember that he was at the stage of completing the order. In such a situation, send a reminder to the e-mail address that the selected products are still in the basket.

The fight against abandoned carts is one of the ways to increase the conversion rate and, thus, profits. As you can see, you can do it in many different ways, although it is also essential to continue working and constantly improve the functioning of your store.

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