6 Personalisation challenges to overcome

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6 Personalisation challenges to overcome

The overall pace of personalisation adoption and implementation is quite lethargic. According to Forbes Insight Publication, ‘The Clear Path to Personalization’, the organizational issues impede the personalisation initiatives.

Assembling the data from disparate silos entails technical challenges. Organizations need to be ready to take the full advantage of personalisation technologies. It involves a corporate buy-in, seeking a right talent, etc.

  1. Data quality

48% of interviewed cited data quality as a leading technical challenge. Using the wrong data might fuel an ineffective personalisation.

  1. Change management

Also prevalent is the concern about the change management issues and the challenge involved in bringing managers and employees onboard.

  1. Resources

Lack of analytical acumen, skilled workforce and resources dedicated to personalisation is yet another kind of obstacle. Only 30% agree they have a sufficient experience on staff with the marketing technology platforms. Mere 23% say their organizations are equipped with a sufficient digital media targeting experience.

  1. Data issues of personalisation leaders

The more mature a personalisation effort, the more likely the data issues will surface. Leaders are mostly challenged trying to harness their data and gather more of it. They deal with the ease-of-use issues or the shortage of data.

  1. The struggles of early adopters

14% of early adopters mention an inability to execute in customer-facing channels as their most difficult challenge. 11% of respondents mentioned a lack of analytical acumen and another 10% pointed to a lack of budget.

  1. Various touchpoints

Understanding and leveraging an increasingly wide variety of ways in which customers contact the organization is challenging, too. Many different devices are used as the touchpoints (social media, TV, email, mobile apps) and the marketers need to be able to connect them. Understanding that who we deal with is the same person and delivering the relevant messages to all of them might be arduous.

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