1 click ticket to shop: re-defining the intelligent shelf

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1 click ticket to shop: re-defining the intelligent shelf

Before the world went digital, 1 click ticket to shop could have referred to clicking the button on a mobile printer which prints a ticket to promote a specific SKU in a store. It still can of course, but in today’s mobile shopping world 1 click ticket to shop means so much more. I took some time out to talk to Team Digital in Exorigo-Upos Group to understand a bit more about some of the projects they are currently working on – developments which are aimed at putting the fizz back into offline retail with a totally digital approach – seems they are more than customer centric. Rather customer obsessed. But what I keep reminding them whilst customer journey is critical, it is very important that the retailers see the real commercial benefits of the technologies they are developing. So here’s some of the things they are up to right now.

Dynamic or real time-pricing in store

We’ve done a lot of work and have the implementations in Central Europe, UK and Australia of a number of technologies which support dynamic pricing. The commercial targets we were given were:

  • Support an increase in sales
  • Drive savings through the operational efficiency
  • Reduce wastage – optimise inventory and materials

We’ve got a number of programmes running where we are communicating pricing from ERP systems. Perhaps, more interestingly, we can also take the pricing of online direct to store – that’s quite interesting. Think how many times you can change your pricing every day, hour, minute and use it as a mechanism to get people into store.

Scan and go

So far scan and go solutions have been a bit complex, which may have contributed to their slow offtake. One thing’s certain however that queues in store result in lost sales and slower rotation of customers. We’ve come up with a scan and go solution which works on mobile.

  • Scan and shop – easy pay on checkout
  • Scan and ship – quick sprint round the shop – the groceries sent home
  • Scan and collect – quick shop at lunchtime – pick up on the way home

We’ve also got a great solution where the customers can reserve product online and pay and pick it up at store. Now that’s pretty convenient, especially if you’re in a hurry.

Mobile Price Check

One of the great things about mobile is you can check the prices quickly in store to get the best deal. The key thing is, are your customers then buying in your store or the one up the street online. We integrate the innovative technologies which provide your customers with a range of options and great deals right at the shelf edge. Remember:

  • Most millennials and generation Z check prices on mobile to get the best deal
  • Over 80% of buying decisions are made right at the shelf edge
  • Most shoppers use online and offline shops to make their decision

At Exorigo-Upos Group, we are the experts at creating great selling opportunities by integrating multichannels to help your customers get the best deal.

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