Implementation of the RELEX platform for supply chain planning and optimization

The market-leading SaaS solution for organizing and optimizing the value chain in trade and production. It supports the comprehensive integration of planning processes, from demand forecasting and assortment management to supply chain and operations coordination.

Wdrożenie platformy Relex do planowania łańcucha dostaw

The RELEX system improves inventory management

in stores and distribution centres

Plan better

up to 30% reduction in inventory levels thanks to more precise demand forecasts and better order synchronization

Waste less

up to 40% reduction in losses related to expiry, thanks to better management of expiry dates and inventory rotation

Reduce costs

up to 15% reduction in order costs through better planning and synchronization of deliveries

Why does implementing the RELEX platform provide maximum satisfaction with minimal operational costs?

It is based on the latest technologies, AI and machine learning,which makes it flexible and easily scalable.

It enables you to effectively deal with the most challenging situations, such as loss management, introducing new products, or conducting promotional campaigns.

It provides immediate benefits and guarantees a high return on investment that can be achieved within 9 months.

Get to know RELEX – a supply chain planning tool

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What are the benefits of this solution?

Advanced data analytics

RELEX uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to predict demand and optimize inventory, allowing for more accurate forecasting and better inventory management.

Flexibility and scalability

High flexibility that allows adaptation to the client’s specific business needs and scaling as the company grows.

Integration with various systems

It enables easy integration with existing ERP, POS systems and other tools, making implementing and synchronizing data across the enterprise easier.

Optimization of promotions and prices

It offers promotional optimization and price management tools that help you maximize profits and improve the customer experience.

Space planning and planograms

It enables optimizing store space planning and creating effective planograms, translating into better product presentation and increased sales.

Cooperation in the supply chain

The platform supports cooperation between various supply chain participants, which is crucial for effective omnichannel management.

We help implement 4 available RELEX modules that provide weekly forecasts with 90% accuracy

We implement the following system elements:

  • Forecasting and replenishment of inventories
  • Space and assortment
  • Store operations and employee management
  • Prices and promotions
When implementing a solution, take advantage of our experts’ knowledge of multi-channel sales and the organization of modern retail, as well as their knowledge of the realities of the Polish market.

We provide support in Polish.

RELEX Solutions improves inventory management in several key areas

These features allow companies to manage inventory more effectively and economically, resulting in lower operating costs and better customer service.

Demand forecasting

It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to create accurate demand forecasts, allowing for better inventory planning and minimizing product overstocks or shortages.


The system automatically generates replenishment orders based on current sales and inventory data, which ensures optimal inventory levels in stores and distribution centres.

Assortment optimization

Analyzes sales data to identify which products are selling best and which are losing money, enabling more effective inventory management.

Promotions management

Optimizes promotion planning by anticipating their impact on demand and inventory, which helps avoid shortages or excess goods during promotions.

Loss reduction

It helps you identify products with short expiration dates or slow-moving products so you can take action to reduce losses.

Cooperation in the supply chain

It facilitates cooperation between various supply chain participants, which allows for better planning and response to changes in demand.

RELEX platform users saved 22 tons of food waste (2022) and prevented the emission of 750,000 tons of CO2 equivalents into the atmosphere (2023)

Relex platforma do optymalizacji łańcucha dostaw

5 reasons why it is worth implementing the RELEX platform


You will effectively replenish the store’s inventory and keep the shelves full and attractive to customers.


You will receive automated order proposals based on constantly updated demand forecasts, stock levels and shelf space.


You will limit losses resulting from expired products.


Easily predict future shifts and inventory levels.


Thanks to central planning and mobile tools at the store level, you will save time handling goods.

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