Data Analysis with Business Intelligence for RETAIL

Microsoft Power BI tools combined with a dedicated, ready-to-use analytical model from the start (our proprietary solution) enable efficient BI data analysis, helping to make faster and more accurate business decisions in the retail sector and beyond.

Microsoft Power BI tool with a dedicated, ready-to-use analytical model from the start

BI systems process and prepare collected data for analysis. This process can be effectively supported by dedicated data collection and processing technologies (data warehouses, data lakes, Big Data technologies). It is possible, among other things, by combining data from multiple sources and the virtually unlimited possibilities of presenting them in various ways. Reports are generated 24/7 from any device, allowing real-time monitoring of key business indicators.

Discover the capabilities of Microsoft Power BI tools
in combination with a ready-to-use analytical model from the start

What do we offer as part of the Business Intelligence for RETAIL analytical solution?

Comprehensive support at each stage of the implementation and maintenance of BI tools (especially MS Power BI)

Development and implementation of various types of data repositories (data warehouses, data lakes, Big Data solutions)

Report preparation

Troubleshooting data analysis systems and analytical support in determining needs

Creation of functional extensions for our solutions

Development and implementation of data security and access models

Maintenance service

Our strength lies in the know-how gained from comprehensive BI solution implementations for the retail industry.

What else distinguishes our Business Intelligence for RETAIL solution?

Use of MS Power BI in conjunction with cloud technology

the most efficient BI environment on the market.

Quick access to the test environment

Short project implementation time

the first implementation results will be visible in just a few days!

Knowledge of the expert team

supported by practice, training, and certificates.

Flexible deployment model

tailored to the needs of the organization.

Want to know how to manage growing data volumes, achieving maximum business benefits effectively?

How does Business Intelligence for RETAIL support implementing sustainable development goals (ESG)?


It offers cloud services, reducing hardware, waste, and electricity consumption.


Analyzes data to optimize processes and eliminate waste.


Introduces automation to relieve employees and minimize resource consumption.


Saves paper through electronic reports without the need for printing.